A deep breath of fresh air

Yiting Qui
Protein Science and Biotechnology

Yiting’s decision to come to Oulu was easy: “I heard a lot about the Northern Europe while I was still in China and found it very fascinating. So I applied and got accepted to all Scandinavian countries, but I chose to come to Oulu because this is the only university where you can study pure biochemistry; in all the other universities the focus is shifted towards biology or pharmacy etc. Also, I distinctly wanted to experience the true Finnish way of living – I wanted to get to know the Finnish language, culture and people. I think this is better done in a smaller, quieter place. I have studied Finnish, taken Finnish cooking classes and I even got to experience a real Finnish Christmas with my Finnish friend.”

The first thing Yiting remembers when she first arrived in Oulu was the fresh air. “I took a deep breath and the air was so fresh and so clean, it was amazing. After arriving from China, it was really surprising how much space there is everywhere. There was a student tutor who even picked me up from the train station and helped us settle down, get everything organized and get to know our way around the campus and the city. I have gotten to know a lot of people and I try to engage myself in as many activities as I can, from swimming - in the freezing river - to snow football.”

University of Oulu has had a lot to offer to Yiting. “My programme coordinator has been extremely helpful and friendly and helped us students settle in both to Finnish culture and to Finnish education system. My background is in medicine, so in the beginning I needed a bit more tutoring and I got plenty of help and advice from everyone at the faculty. I have also been offered an opportunity to do internships, and especially encouraged to them in different fields of biochemistry to get an overall view of the working life, even though working in only one field would be easier for the supervisors. I think this is a really good opportunity for my future.”

Last updated: 15.10.2013