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After living in Oulu for several years, I still remember the first days when I came to the student apartment. I was impressed with the comfortable conditions offered for students. Besides, my roommate was very kind and helpful. These factors made a quite nice starting point for my studies!

Originally I come from China. When I received the acceptance letter to the University of Oulu, I immediately applied to the housing through PSOAS (Student housing agency in Oulu) webpage. It is important to do it as soon as possible to ensure you get an apartment in the location you are wishing for. After some time, I received a reply that there is an apartment near the university available for me.

The housing is rather good, even though I share the apartment with other student. There are basic kitchen appliances, including oven, fridge and kitchen furniture. However, my room was unfurnished, except for the wardrobe. With the help of my student tutor and my roommate I managed to get all the basic furnishing pretty soon. There is a number of second hand stores in Oulu, where you can get, for example, an inexpensive desk and chair, and sometimes even a sofa. Besides, there are a number of stores which sell cheaper furniture.

I enjoy living in the PSOAS apartment due to their strict policies. Even though the houses are full of students, there is a calm and relaxing atmosphere, e.g. noise after 11pm is not allowed. They also support a really effective waste recycling system. One of the biggest bonuses about living here is that in each of the apartments there is a free high-speed Internet connection, which is accessible after paying a small installation fee. What I enjoy the most about our student apartments is that I have neighbors from several different countries living in the same building.

More information about housing can be found in this video.

PSOAS web site

Last updated: 15.10.2013