Freedom to Pursue Ideas

Miguel Bordallo López
PhD student, Computer Vision and Signal Processing

Miguel visited Finland for the first time in early 2000's. He very much liked the place and the way the students were living, so he later applied for Erasmus exchange in Finland.

“I always wanted to be in a little smaller city, and going far north seemed to be a wilder experience, so I chose Oulu”, he explains.

While doing his Master's thesis, Miguel was offered a job at the Center for Machine Vision Research (CMV), one of the research groups at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Now Miguel is pursuing for a PhD. He is studying the computing needs and characteristics of future camera-based applications in mobile platforms.

Miguel appreciates very much in his current employment that it is relatively easy to get lots of responsibilities in a short period of time. “This fact allows you to progress in your career and develop as a professional. Workers in here, especially at CMV research center, are always trusted by their supervisors, and they have lots of freedom to pursue their own ideas.”

As a student Miguel was extremely surprised by the availability of choices teachers and professors give when students are facing a coursework. “You can many times choose the topics that interest you and the outcome of the projects is always valuable not only as a teaching result, but also in terms of good research and engineering.”

The life in Oulu is very easy compared with many bigger cities in other countries. “In a city as small as 185 000 inhabitants, you have hundreds of technological companies that group in a small area of a few kilometers. Also, the majority of the people can speak decent English.”

There is lot of free time in Oulu, and many things to do. Sports are one of the most popular things. “I swim a lot and also play basketball quite often”. Running, skiing, biking and other sports in the nature are very popular as well.

Miguel appraises the vast music culture around Oulu. “Small concerts and jam sessions are organized all around the city, and there are numerous bands and choirs.”

Last updated: 15.10.2013