There are ways to enjoy even -25 degree weather

Ueamatsu Kiyoko, Education and Globalization “There are ways to enjoy even -25 degree weather”

Kiyoko came to Oulu after visiting a study fair in Tokyo. She was told about the Master’s programme in Education and Globalization and even though she had completed her Bachelor’s degree in economics she got interested and applied. “I changed to education because I wanted to study leadership development from educational perspective. During the summer I did an internship in Brussels assisting in an ongoing research on leadership in Europe and helping to organize training materials that are used for corporate clients. At the moment I am exploring my options for the future; I would love to continue working with people from different backgrounds. I only know for sure that I will continue to learn and study about leadership development.”

Kiyoko has first-hand experience in settling down to a new culture which is why she decided to take part in establishing a new international student organization, NISO. “NISO focuses on event planning, making networks and setting a web platform for the international students to get to know each other and to get connected. One of the reasons for establishing NISO was to provide support to fellow international students from the perspective of students who went through the same; we hope to contribute to the incoming students’ life in any way we can.”

Although the weather in Finland can be quite an experience, clean air and clear water are luxurious to Kiyoko. “It can be quite cold and dark during the winter, but the nature is tremendous. You can find it everywhere in Oulu – around the campus, even in the city centre. The environment helps me appreciate the beauty of Finland and makes my student life more colourful. There are ways to enjoy even -25 degree weather: snow football, ice swimming, ice fishing and –of course— it’s the perfect opportunity to go to sauna and warm up!”

Last updated: 13.8.2012