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Tanya came to University of Oulu first as an exchange student: “I was eager to experience the Nordic way of living, designing and building. Finland with its rich design tradition held a real exotic appeal to me. I came here to expand my knowledge as an architect but I was completely unprepared for the experiences that awaited me. Before I knew it I was extending my initial 5 month exchange agreement to a whole academic year. On my reluctant return to Australia, I knew that I would return one day. When I learnt that they had begun an International Master’s programme in the following year, I applied and feel very fortunate to be here right now.”

Tanya especially appreciates the flexibility of studies at University of Oulu. “Once one completes a few prerequisite courses, a student has surprising freedom to decide their area of focus. There is a good balance of design, urban study and history courses with lots of possibilities to further develop one’s work from workshops, excursions and studios. The professors and teachers prefer students to take initiative about the course of their education and provide support and academic assistance.  Whether it is the urban design laboratory, the restoration, history or contemporary design laboratory or open design competitions, one thing is for certain: the work generated in our courses and the academic discourse is extremely concurrent with what is going on in Finland and broader International circles.”

In Tanya’s experience, one could be constantly occupied with all of the guilds, clubs and activities that there are for the students. “After living here for a while, I’ve come to appreciate and recognise Oulu’s own unique subculture which is bubbling just under the surface. One only has to look to find their niche in the social life of the place. Oulu’s strength would have to be its ease of mobility. It’s surprisingly easy to get around here and outlying living areas; even in the dead of winter, people still ride their bikes in hoards owing to the extensive bike networks and paths which have their own separate hierarchy through parks, forests and suburbs. “

Last updated: 15.10.2013